Dri Wash 'n Guard
The Ultimate Shine For All Cars

Dwg Ultra-Ion 16oz
DWG ULTRA-ION™ 16oz Waterless Car Wash

Introducing next generation vehicle appearance technology. Newly enhanced to work on paints of ALL car models & years and beyond. Its Ionic Technology not only helps repel dust from your vehicle's surface, but also helps reduce and remove existing minor feather scratches. As you apply and buff the painted surface, you'll be amazed at the results. DRI WASH `n GUARD® ULTRA-ION™ will give a deeper, richer shine than any other product in the vehicle appearance industry. It is extremely aggressive in emulsifying all organic matter as well as bugs, bird droppings and tar and it works exceptionally well on glass, mirrors and chrome! DWG ULTRA-ION™ can be applied to dark colors in any natural occurring heat from the sun. This new formula is odorless and comes in a distinctive new color.

One of the most significant product introductions in the vehicle appearance industry.

Includes one applicator bottle
Price $21.95

Dwg Classic 32oz

When DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Waterless Car Wash was introduced in 1991, the idea of a waterless car wash was simply unbelievable.An innovative technology that lifted the dirt from a vehicle — without water — leaving it completely clean. How could it be? This truly revolutionary technology combines more than 50 ingredients with DWG's exclusive PolyGuard-3™ formula. DWG forms a protective seal that resists the penetration of dirt for weeks and leaves a gleaming finish. A light buffing with a terry cloth towel whisks away the dirt along with the haze, leaving a sparkling shine! With one spray of DWG, the dirt is emulsified and broken down, then lifted and suspended in the fluid as the haze forms. This breakthrough product is so versatile that virtually any hard, non-porous surface can be cleaned, polished, and protected without water: cars, boats, recreational vehicles, trucks, skis, buses, motorcycles, airplanes, and much more!

Price $38.95

The Complete Detail Kit is the "Best-of-DWG".Give your car the attention that it deserves!This hi-tech package sets the industry standard for Vehicle Appearance. Here is everything you need to give your vehicle the ultimate cleaning, polishing and protection. Just add TLC! Your car will look the best ever.

one full size bottle of each of the following:
ULTRA-ION™ Car with 8 oz Applicator
Premium Metal Polish
Fabric & Upholstery Cleaner
Leather & Vinyl Treatment
Tire & Trim Treatment,
Dust B' Gone™

Price $100.00

DWG UPHOLSTERY, FABRIC,CARPET TREATMENT cleans,deodorizes, and removes stains, while protecting upholstery, fabric, and carpet without a drop of water! It's the perfect companion for DWG for the Car and for the Home! Set-in stains, stubborn odors, and resistant spots are no match for the power of our exclusive PolyGuard-5™ formula. Natural ingredients and innovative cleaning technology combine to make short work of both stains and odors. It's safe to use on nearly all kinds of upholstery, fabric and carpets and leaves no residue to attract more dirt. It contains no petroleum distillates, is non-corrosive, and is biodegradable.

This great product is effective on:
Food spills
Smoke odors
Pet accidents
Petroleum products
Paint splatters
Dirt and grass stains
DWG Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Treatment eliminates stains and odors, too!

Price $10.95

Bring leather and vinyl back to life with DWG Leather & Vinyl Treatment! DWG Leather & Vinyl Treatment with exclusive formula PolyGuard-5™ cleans, conditions, and protects the widest variety of leather and vinyl goods adding life and beauty to them — without a drop of water! An easy spray, a quick wipe and dirt, grime, and age seem to melt away! Just spray and wipe and the dirt disappears, leaving a conditioned and protected surface that resists dirt!

Additional benefits of DWG Leather/Vinyl Treatment include the following:
PolyGuard-5™ emulsifies and lifts dirt
UV inhibitors resist fading, discoloration, and cracking
Leaves no oily residue
Effective as a degreaser
DWG Leather/Vinyl Treatment cleans and conditions all your leather and vinyl in one easy step!
Price $10.95

DWG PREMIUM METAL POLISH makes short work of polishing silver, chrome, brass, gold, stainless steel, platinum and other unpainted metal surfaces.DWG Premium Metal Polish works wonders cleaning a wide variety of unpainted metal surfaces. Just as DRI WASH 'n GUARD® cleans, seals, polishes and protects painted metal surfaces, DWG Premium Metal Polish cleans, restores, and protects unpainted metal surfaces. Simply rub onto the metal surface, allow it to dry, then buff off lightly.

DWG Premium Metal Polish is great for:
Mag wheels and chrome bumpers
Decorative brass
Tanker trucks and external fuel tanks
Airplanes, metal canoes, and fishing boats
Use DWG Premium Metal Polish for polishing and protecting unpainted metal surfaces!
Price $14.95

DWG All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment is the easy way to bring back the rich look of brand-new tires. Grip the handy trigger, spray a rubber surface, then rub it off. Dirt, grime, and oil are wiped away, leaving a surface that is cleaned, conditioned, and protected. DWG All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment contains the exclusive formula PolyGuard-4™ which revitalizes the appearance of rubber and plastic, by creating a polymeric emulsion that lifts dirt and whisks it away. The result is a surface that looks new and natural, not glossy or artificial.

DWG All-Weather Tire & Trim Treatment is not ''just a tire cleaner!" With one application you also get:
UV protection
Water/detergent resistance
Reduced dust attraction
Revitalized rubber & plastic
DWG Tire & Trim Treatment cleans and conditions like new in one step with no water!
Price $13.95

OxyGone® gets rid of oxidation that dulls painted surfaces and removes feather scratches from the surface of your vehicle.. All it takes is a quick polish, a light rub to a haze, then buffing with a terry towel, and the shine that you didn't know was there is back again! Reverses the damaging effects of sun, wind, and precipitation. No prewashing necessary. Contains no ammonia.

OxyGone® is great for: Removing hard water spotting on windows,shower doors and other surfaces
Cleaning isenglas (plastic window material on jeeps, boats, older convertible tops)
Removes tough black marks from enameled pots and pans
Restoring aged items in gold, silver, glass, or plastic
OxyGone® makes old, faded painted finishes look showroom new!
Price $12.95


Everywhere you go, there's dust! Keeping your home and vehicles dust free has been a constant challenge, until the introduction of DUST B'GONE.™ This completely unique product makes dust disappear! Just a quick spray eliminates the dust in seconds, often with no wiping. The exclusive formula PolyGuard-5™ in DUST B'GONE™ attacks the dust particles and breaks them down instantly, emulsifying, and dissipating the dust with no sticky or oily residue. The PolyGuard-5™ coating left behind effectively repels dust, keeping surfaces dust-free longer.

Save time and energy
Get the job done without water, cloths or mess
Reduce the static attraction of surfaces
Keep decorative objects dust-free longer
Dust B'Gone™ makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas. Make dust disappear with Dust B'Gone!™
Price $9.95

THE PUMP (8oz Airosol Application Bottle)

This State-of-the-art application bottle is the most effective, environmentally safe and easiest way to apply the DWG Car Products. Simply fill, tighten, pump then spray...
For use with ULTRA-ION and CLASSIC Car product.
Price $4.00

DWG Buffing Towels - Micro-fiber Buffing Towel (16'X16") in Pack of 8

By using a clean terry cloth towel to apply DWG and this new buffing towel to remove the product you will immediately notice the phenomenal results.
Price $14.00